Monday, August 21, 2006

Like a donkey

Sometimes I have the maturity level of a 5-year-old. I know I've done something wrong, I don't remember what it was, but I still feel bad about it.

It's like when a child gets a scratch on his hand, and he's crying because he knows it's supposed to hurt, but then he'll easily forget the pain when the next distraction comes along.

That's the way it is with me and tilt. I'm vaguely pissed off about something that went wrong in the game, but I know that the best way for me to not be angry about it is to get distracted by the next hand.

Ideally, I could realize what went right or wrong and not even let it bother me. I would be calm and collected, at peace with the things I can't control and making the most out of the things I can.

But even when I do everything right and somehow I don't win, I'm tilt-prone because I don't like the sensation of losing.

See? This is not mature, rational behavior.

OK, now that I've gotten that down, let's look in PokerTracker and remember exactly what it was that got me pissed off ...

Ah, here it is. I ran AQ into a fishy player's A6 that flopped two pair. Then I ran JJ into a set of fours, and a couple of hands later I continuation bet JJ into a flopped Ace and got raised.

None of these hands broke me. I think I'd play the AQ hand the same way against that player. I got a little bit stubborn with JJ on such a nondescript flop. And then that continuation bet with JJ into that flopped A was kind of ridonkulous.


When I was a kid who loved the original Nintendo, I insisted on using the NES Advantage, which was the controller with the big buttons and the joystick. I wanted to beat every game I played, but sometimes I'd completely lose my temper and smash the NES Advantage into the floor out of anger.

I ruined four NES Advantages that way, and I had to pull a lot of weeds to earn enough extra allowance to buy a new one.

My temper isn't that bad anymore. I haven't thrown my wireless mouse or tossed my laptop into a swimming pool, like I heard Mike Matasow did once.

I do still squirm like the donkey I am when I don't get my way, and it costs me.

The only solutions I know of are to stop playing if I'm not playing well, practice and try to be patient.


Grinder said...

Problems is knowing you are not playing well when you are winning.

Then it's to late to see your dumbass plays when the is SUPPOSE to happen actually dies.

As for your JJ story! YUP - SOMETIMES you just can not believe an Ace flopped.

I had AA Saturday flop was TQ9, turn was another Ace, river was . . . yup King and the guy bets into me!!

I folded VERY reluctently my set of aces, he showed his AJ.

Sometimes a hand stares you in the face and you just can not believe it adn will waste another bet.

Miller says that is a HUGE mistake, I say I agree EXCEPT, not all the time. The villan was a good player.

kurokitty said...

I've found my desktop factory-issue HP mouse is the BEST EVER -- it is indestructible! I've thrown it at full force at the floor no less than four times from ridiculous beats and nary a scratch on it.

And destroyed a fancy Logitech wireless mouse the same way with a slighter throw.

So, here's the count:

HP Factory mouse: 4 Logitech wireless mouse: 0

Victor_Enriq said...

I dont use a wireless mouse, because that would end up hurting my bankroll. I used to bang my fist against the table... now I just call my girl, and tell her we should meet.

Keep on those continuation bets, nothing wrong with that.

KrazyBangs said...

Advantage rocked, only way I could ever beat the Olympic Game.. Summer Games 2 I think... that and the cheat on the running pad using a chair and my heels only.....