Friday, August 25, 2006

Late night

The tables seem to dry up around 10 p.m. HST, so that means it's time to play 6 max!

It hasn't been hard to ramp up the aggression in position, but I'm still working on getting looser from the button. I think I've made some progress.

Although whatever benefits are gained from that are subtracted by some of my donkish plays, especially against short stacks. Why do I even bother. No implied odds = kind of a waste of time.

But whatever. I just can't believe how easy it is to have the table completely under control just by playing position more than anything else -- it's probably more important than the cards.

Anyways, that was fun. I foresee more 6-max in my future, but not as a full-time gig.


Pluto isn't a planet. Doug wrote a funny post.


"Blade" the TV series is awesome.

It has all the elements of a good vampire story -- children vampires, vampires feeding on children, vampires turning their loved ones to the dark side in order to save them, lots of deaths, hot chicks, fight scenes, a fast-paced plot and occasional bad acting.

I think the show is on its eighth episode. Check it out before I start hearing rumors that it might get canceled.


I never wrote about my kick-ass monitor setup. I planned on posting photos, but I'm feeling really lazy right now.

So here's how I have it:

On the far left of my desk is the laptop, and the screen is linked to the central monitor using a program called Synergy, which allows mouse and keyboard sharing.

In the center is the new monitor, which is a 20 or 21 inch flat screen with 1600X1200 resolution, so I can fit four Party Poker tables on it, never having to click back and forth. This monitor is run off my ATI 2006 All-in-Wonder AGP video card, which is also wired to an antenna. The antenna broadcasts TV audio and video across the room to a receiver so I can watch things from my computer on my TV. So the TV is, in effect, the third monitor hooked up to MarkNet.

The fourth monitor is on the right of my desk, and it runs off the cheapest ATI Rage video card I could find. There were some brief driver conflicts between the new video card and the existing one, but they worked well together once I installed them separately.

It's awesome. I have chat and audio on the laptop screen, poker on the middle screen, and web browsing and random crap on right screen.


I've been running more even over the last six days than I have in over a year. Most of these last few days have been losing days, but only by a small amount. It's frustrating to not be going up, but at least I'm not going down much.

I think I'm running pretty cold. It isn't that I'm not getting cards; it's just that I'm not getting hardly any action at all. And I know I'm giving action, so I'm sure it will come around.

That's why I played a long session tonight. I have off Friday and Saturday this weekend, so there's no reason to go to bed early or hold back unless I'm not feeling up to it. I think it was worth it -- I finished about one buy-in ahead over many hands. Good enough.


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Hint: Quad A's doesn't get action either, but pocket A's will go down in flames...just push I suck.
Nice post.

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