Monday, September 15, 2008

It's football season? Bet!

I ran pretty good in my five sports bets this weekend. I feel lucky to go 3-2, and another bet that would have been a loser didn't process correctly.

Here's the rundown:

USC (-11.5) vs. OhioSt: Win. Ohio St. sucks, and if they win the Big 10 it will only go to show how pathetic that conference is.

SMU (+36.5) vs. Texas Tech: Win. Call me a sports betting fish, but I see value in some of these huge lines. Won this one by a half point.

NorthTexas (+42) vs. LSU: Win.

Georgia (-7.5) vs. S. Carolina: Lose. The half point screwed me in a 14-7 game. Whatever.

Auburn (-10) vs. Miss. St.: Lose. Maybe this was the best 3-2 game in history, but it was still a shitty game.

USC-Ohio St, Over 44.5: Tie. Somehow this bet didn't register, and I would have lost because USC only won 35-3 and couldn't score that last TD. Weeeee.

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CC said...

Betting for or against Mississippi State is a good way to live on a shack on the beach. They suck, unpredictably.