Wednesday, September 03, 2008

HUJ5: Turn betting

I've gotten myself into some cool situations recently with my turn bet-sizing.

The idea is that if you want to get your opponent all-in, it makes sense to size your turn bet at an amount that will leave one pot-sized bet left for the river. This often results in strange-looking, small turnbets that your opponents feel obliged to call (or raise). Then they either have to fold the river or make an atrocious call.

Here's an example where my small turnbet induced my opponent to raise all-in with top pair:

Full Tilt Poker, $2/$4 NL Hold'em Cash Game, 2 Players - Hand History Converter

SB: $1,029.50

Hero (BB): $440

Pre-Flop: 6 8 dealt to Hero (BB)
SB raises to $12, Hero raises to $40, SB calls $28

Flop: ($80) 4 7 5 (2 Players)
Hero bets $60, SB calls $60

Turn: ($200) Q (2 Players)
Hero bets $90, SB raises to $929.50 and is All-In, Hero calls $250 and is All-In

River: ($880) 3 (2 Players - 1 is All-In)

Results: $880 Pot ($0.50 Rake)
SB showed 8 Q (a pair of Queens) and LOST (-$440 NET)
Hero showed 6 8 (a flush, Queen high) and WON $879.50 (+$439.50 NET)


I had a -5 buy-in session at 2/4 yesterday, which blew.

I want to review a few of my losing all-in hands, especially since I got it in bad several times:

Hand 1: I call a 3bet from the button with QJo and call a continuation bet on an AT7 flop. Then when I hit a J on the turn, I raised and got it in with my pair and gutshot. I was up against AJ. In retrospect, this is horrible poker (got it in with a 9 percent shot), but I was thinking at the time that I could get my opponent off AK or AQ.

Hand 2: K3 vs. 44 that peeled a K53 flop and turned his set. Standardish.

Hand 3: T9 vs. Q5s. Weird hand where I check-raised the turn with top pair and got it in good, but he rivered a Queen.

Hand 4: AK vs. K8s. I got him in with a naked flush draw on the flop, which of course he hits.

Hand 5: T8s vs. 44. I had 15 outs on the turn and got it in vs. a flopped set.

Hand 6: 76o vs. A6s. I hit my straight and he hit his flush on the turn, and I called down.

Hand 7: AQ vs. 99. I flopped top pair on a drawy flop, check-raised and got it in against a set of 9s.

Hand 8: 67s vs. QTo. I fired a second bullet when I turned a flush draw and got it all-in vs. a turned two pair.

Hand 9: 99 vs. TT, all-in preflop.

I made lots of turn mistakes especially. I don't know what to say except for that I need to be more careful, and I'm probably overestimating my fold equity.

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