Wednesday, September 10, 2008

HUJ9: One-table wonder

I usually single-table heads-up games so that I can get a feel for the flow of the match and look closely for exploitable situations. Heads-up requires more attention that six-max or full ring games, and I lose more value than I gain from multitabling.

One common-sense trick that I've started using is opening up my opponents' other tables as I play them on a single table.

On the other tables, I can see how my opponent is doing. If he has a tough decision on his other table, I can bluff more easily because he's less likely to play back. If he recently suffered a bad beat on another table, he may be more likely to be tilting.

This kind of information results in easy money. Give it a try because it can pay off immediately.

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Boo said...

Another great tip :)