Friday, September 05, 2008

HUJ6: No play

Took a day off.

Videos: pr1nnyraiding ep. 3 and ep. 4.

These videos dealt with adjusting to loose-passive and weak-tight players.

Some of the tips against loose-passives: value bet more and bluff less, make smaller bluffs, continuation bet second pair at times.

Against weak-tights: Bluff more often because they're going to showdown less, fire two bullets, look for scarecards to bluff on the river, 3-bet more preflop.

These DeucesCracked videos are educational. I've noticed I get loose-passives and weak-tight players confused sometimes, and that can get expensive when I'm trying to bluff the hell out of opponents who won't fold.

I'm looking forward to the next videos, which deal with adjusting for TAGs and LAGs. I'm sure they will get into more about evaluating hand ranges, balancing your range and analyzing flop textures. I need to improve at those skills.

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