Tuesday, April 18, 2006

White Noise

At first this was going to be a whiny bad beat post, then I wanted to write a poker-is-fun post, but now I've settled on a compromise: the rambling post.

Thanks to Easycure for organizing the Hammer Out Cancer WPBT event, and thanks to everyone else for playing in it. The tourney was a lot of fun, although I busted pretty early on. Congrats to Frankl for taking down first place.

My April results are pretty well screwed. I started the month having dropped down from 15/30 limit hold 'em, but the beats kept coming at 10/20, 5/10 and 1/2 NL.

Thankfully, I've been careful with my bankroll, so the hits haven't been too bad. But it sucks to lose.

Is something wrong with my game? Who knows. I would like to chalk my losses up to variance, but that's kind of the easy way out. What bothers me is that I know what I'm doing, I know the odds, I know how to apply my knowledge, and I do so correctly most of the time. The trouble is that I am having a hard time getting a grasp on what I don't know. I suppose that comes in time.

I should buy a poker book just to keep the synapses firing.

I wish I had something insightful to say, but sometimes there's just nothing. The cards fall as they may, the suckouts happen, and in the end, everything regresses to the mean.

I'll keep trying to make those cards pay off, but doing my best sometimes can't overcome bad luck, tricky plays, hidden sets or tilt.

In the meantime, I'm taking it easy. I plan to spend the rest of the month playing $26 multi-table tourneys on Full Tilt. I kind of suck at tourneys, but this will be good practice at minimal expense with the possibility of a decent payoff. I'll also clear some bonuses and continue playing 5/10 and 10/20 limit games if they look good.

I wonder if maybe I need a new plan. January was all 5/10 shorthanded, February was 1/2 NL, March was 10/20 and 15/30. April is just a mishmash of crap.

Eh. Focus will return soon.



cc said...

Some ideas:

>> Grind at 5/10 and stay with it
>> Buy a simulator (either Wilson Turbo or Poker Academy), and work on your leaks
>> Have someone (Mark, myself) railbird you during a session then discuss and debrief session/hands
>> Play low-limit stud or omaha more to change the pace and keep the brain fresh

Overall, hang in there.

kurokitty said...

I think these things happen. It's like trying to determine why storms happen. They just roll in and roll out again.

My PT data on you (limited) says you're pretty tight and pretty aggressive. Sure, there may be tweaking, but don't do too much.

Plus you have thousands and thousands of hands on most people, so I think you're experienced enough.

One things seems to be a tell for me, though. I can tell when you're having a downturn because you're suddenly playing tourneys and NL, maybe as a way to quickly catch back up. Do it if it's a fun change, don't if you feel you have to regain lost ground. It'll come back. Luck and cats always do.

Good luck!

Victor_Enriq said...

Yes... cats come back everytime (unless they get under a car, or poisoned, or microwaved)

thecaffiend said...

Ok, call it the geek in me. rambling is a proper tag if defined in an XML schema. Fine. But for XML to be valid you must have start and an end tag. Your lack of start tag will anger the parsing gods. Don't do that.

You always question your game, then bounce back. That's thinking poker. You'll do fine, just assess and adjust. Dwelling too intensly will lead to timidity, which will lead to more losses. Mr. Miagi says balance Marky-san.

Update - I now see that it thinks that the start tag is bad. The parsing gods are anrgy at me. Must go hide in the bathroom.