Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sometimes you just want to win


Kuro was joking with me today, saying I was like a George Costanza of poker. Like a guy who would congratulate himself for winning in the Special Olympics, I feel great about killing the $25 buy-in no limit games. Fine with me!

It would be pretty funny if I found that .10/.25 NL were my most profitable game after playing many other limits. It's just such a beatable game! In no other ring game have I found so many people willing to give away their stacks.

Sure, .5/1 and 1/2 aren't that tough either. But those games aren't like this. These toasters really suck.

It's irrational for me to believe that I can make good money every day, even at low-limit no limit. But it sure would be fun if I could. Instead of Poker Champ, I could be Low Limit Champ.

One thing's for sure -- it's great to have a game to go to when you just want to kick everyone's ass, even if it's not for a lot of money.

Better content to come. Many of you have seen "The Ultimate Showdown," but if not check it out.

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cc said...

$0.10/0.25 PLHE might be the only better game than the NLHE version. You might try it next, but it was pretty incredible to play last night.