Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Too Many Tables!

I decided to try something new: 11 tabling.

It's a little crazy.

The tables and cards just keep coming -- it's hard to keep up. I decided that if I'm going to 11 table, I should do so at one of the easiest games on the Internet: .10/.25 no limit hold em.

So I have 10 NL tables up at Party Poker, and one 5/10 limit game up at Full Tilt.

These $25 buy-in NL games on Party are just as I remember them. Soft. Like as soft as a large, low buy-in tournament soft.

The whole purpose of this crazy multitabling is to clear a $75 Party Poker bonus they gave me to celebrate their conquest of PokerNow. Others have received similar bonuses if they transfer their balances at Intertops or Multipoker to Party. And of course, Party also ate Empire Poker a little while ago.

It's kind of interesting from an industry perspective. Party Poker succeeded in licensing its software to five other poker sites, and then decided last fall to sever ties with them, effectively snatching away the largest player base on the Internet. The other sites lost value, and Party was there to buy them up. Eurobet was the only former site in the network to escape Party's clutches, instead teaming up with PokerRoom.

So anyways, this $75 bonus is almost cleared. I needed to play 750 hands, and I have about 150 left. All these games makes it really go by fast!

And as always, NL25 has done me right. I've tripled up on three tables in the last hour. I wonder how profitable it would be for me to just play easy NL games all the time? It would be very consistent money, at least, which is more than I can say for the mid limits.

I might seriously consider that. Sure it's unambitious play for small wins. But my winrate must be awesome.

OK, the tables keep beeping at me, so that means I gotta run ...


FatBaldGuy said...

I can't do more than two tables. I can't even imagine the chaos that is 11 tables.

Victor_Enriq said...

Your win rate wont be so great, believe me.