Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Time Out

I should probably take a break from poker, at least for a couple of days.

Everything has been going OK, with small losses today and yesterday. But several things make me think that I'm not at my best.

_The testimonial from cc's site and the similar post from Mrs. PSH make me worry that I'm wasting my life on poker. Fortunately, I'm not neglecting relationships (because I don't have many), but I think I should read some more fiction.

_I find myself going on tilt in everyday life for no real reason. A car honks at me. The elevator smells like trash. Someone doesn't answer the phone when I call. This pizza is cold. What's wrong with me? I need to chill out if these stupid things are getting to me.

_The newness of living in Hawaii is starting to wear off. Don't get me wrong; everything kicks ass here, and it's only getting better. But it's not as special as it was when I first got here. I'm getting used to it.

_Baseball season is here, and I think that's more important than poker, at least for now.

_I'm scared of being an addict loser.

_The only thing I could think while watching "High Stakes Poker" is how terrible those players must feel about small wins, when if they had played the hand a little bit different, they could have had a big win. Then I wondered if I'm just recognizing one of my own traits. When small wins aren't good enough, then that's just a recipe for psychological torture.

OK, I'll quit my whining.

Have fun at the tables!


cc said...

You could always come over the top and pee in the elevator before you leave...

Victor_Enriq said...

Hey! Chill out. Do a few whisky shots. Far better than bourbon! (Sorry ol' pal Jack)

You could get a hawaiian babe too! Then you'd be a semi-god!

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