Sunday, April 09, 2006

Bad Beats

I opened up my car door at 1 a.m. to find papers strewn across the seats, my glove compartment ransacked, my change drawer emptied.

I'd been robbed. Again.

And for what? These assholes can't take anything from me. This time, the only thing they got away with was my portable tape recorder, which was a replacement for the original one that I bought with $60 I won playing Acey-Duecy in college almost a decade ago.

They didn't get a CD player, because I didn't have one installed. They didn't steal the car. They didn't get any money. They didn't damage anything. These bitches didn't do anything to me, except piss me off.

That's fine. This robbery is comical at best. They didn't get jack shit from me.

It helps put things in perspective. None of these assholes can get anything from me.

I haven't had a winning day at the poker tables this month. Not one stinking day. But so what? My bankroll is still in good shape, and I stepped way down in limits before this month started. So take that, bitches. You can put me on a losing streak, but you can't really harm me. This money is all winnings anyway.

I played poker with some friends tonight, which is where I was when my car got broken into. I dominated the table in a fun home tourney, but I lost it all on three of the final hands when I failed to hit coin flips.

Big freakin' deal. So I lose out on the $40 pot, which I don't need anyway and will make this girl much happier than it would have made me. So I lose some coin flips. So I decide that I'd rather take some chances than eventually grind out the victory over the next 30 minutes to an hour.

I might be kind of tilty, and I might not be playing my best game in general.

But the point is that these beats can't touch me. Even if I lost all ability to play poker, I would cash out my accounts long before I lost all my money.

Shit happens. I can deal with it just fine.


ScurvyDog said...

I guess on the bright side you're getting all of your get-robbed bad beats out of the way for the next twenty years or so. That sucks.

cc said...

Let me know if you want to play heads-up for $10. You'll then have a winning session.

deliverator said...

Good picture Mr. Secret Agent Gnome. Heh....."My name is..."

thecaffiend said...

I've seen that picture before...and the goofy smile that lasted the next 3 hours...and, hey, that was the day you interviewed to leave the rest of us here in ATL...

Sorry to hear about the breakin. That's all people ever told me about Hawaii when I went. "Don't leave anything in cars" they would say. Well, that and "don't try to drive to the mainland". I'll show them next time...