Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I win!

Stop the presses! I had my first winning day of the month!

I finished up $101 on the $40 monthly William Hill bonus, plus I had $286 in rake returned to me from WPEX.

Of course, I haven't played for about four days out of the first 11, so I've really only lost seven days out of April. Whatever. I just want to slow down a little bit. I can't be obsessive about reaching bankroll goals all the time.

Kuro helped me work through a significant psychological difficulty I had to my game with his post above and through talking with him about it.

My problem is that I rely too much on data tracking software, which helps a lot, but it makes me lazy about the rest of my game. In fact, it makes me distrust my own instincts because I find that the data is so much more accurate.

But it doesn't have to be like that. The two can work together.

So I think my new resolution will be to increase my note-taking by a whole lot. The object is to increase the attention I pay to the game that surrounds me when I'm sitting at the table, and not necessarily just the hands that I'm involved in. If I take more notes, I'll be gathering a lot of information that PokerTracker doesn't see, and I'll also help my observational and hand-reading abilities.

That is, when I get back to the poker tables. I might just work off some blackjack bonuses and low-limit poker bonuses for a few days.

Separately, this time next month, my cat, Poncey, will move from my parents' house in Atlanta to my apartment in Honolulu! It will be great to have my kitty poker R2 unit back by my side, although I know he'll just make me play a lot of poker.

That's OK -- I miss him. Although I bet he'll miss my parents more once he realizes he's switching from a full house to a small apartment with a dude who leaves for work every day.

Tough shit, cat.


cc said...

I totally agree with the too much reliance on PokerTracker/stats at times. I think I've gotten better and try to simply know who is an aggressor and who is passive, who is ultratight and who is ultraloose, then play.

We had what I called two $1k cats of my wife's. $1k because that's how much we spent moving them around the country as we relocated. I wanted to just let them go then get new ones wherever we moved, but since they spent more time with my wife than I did I somehow got no votes. Tabitha has outsurvived her step-sister, peeing and pooping all over our basement carpet. I had to hold Lucy a couple of years ago when we had to put her down, which was a bit difficult for me unexpectedly. She now sits in a box in our office closet.

mookie99 said...

What limits were you playing on WSEX ?

Mark said...

I played mostly 5/10, with a little 10/20 and 3/6 mixed in at WPEX. When I play there next, I'm going to have to try out the no limit games.

kurokitty said...

That is one cute cat.

deliverator said...'ve been evicted. Movin' on down to the west side.

thecaffiend said...

I've always wondered what the effect of those things on games in general, but especially live games would be. I like cc's post about the idea.

Good to see the Ponce again. Yay Ponce!