Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Scattered Thoughts

I'd like to shout out to some of the quality blogs I've been reading lately. I haven't done this in a while, and there's plenty of content out there that's worth reading.

Human Head Thinks Big: He's been dying to get out of middle-America purgatory, and now his wish has been granted with a new job in Phoenix. Congratulations! This blog is always a good read.

Poker With WillWonka: Wonka's blog is interesting because he talks some strategy and gets inside the poker mind a little bit, which I like. He also talks about limit poker, which is what I'm most interested in. Now if only he'd stop using ellipses so much...

Poker Sweet Home: PSH is taking on his limit challenge to climb the ladder, starting near the bottom and slowly building a bankroll till he can play higher levels. His poker talk is good, but I also really like it when Mrs. PSH peeks in and writes a post. She gives some solid perspective on poker from her standpoint.

Quest of a Closet Poker Player: CC is kickin it online and at his Atlanta home games with his racetrack-style poker table, which is quickly becoming the envy of the blogosphere. He recently started experimenting with stud poker, which is good to hear about. Stud is like the neglected older sibling of poker.


For those of you familiar with Atlanta traffic, this Georgia State University video is pretty funny. Check it out.


Computer stuff:

I've been playing with the demo of a program called MaxiVista, which allows me to use my laptop as a second monitor for my desktop without having to buy any hardware. It's pretty sweet. I think I'm going to have to buy the full version.

It's so nice to have poker tables on one screen, and all my other crap on the second screen. It really makes a lot of room that I needed for multitasking, chat, etc.

I also seem to have finally isolated the problem with my desktop computer, which is a badass dual processor system that I built with money that I won from my first Las Vegas poker tournament. For some reason, Windows' disk defragmenter wreaks all kinds of havok on the hard disks. I have no idea why -- maybe it has something to do with the RAID controllers, although that doesn't make much sense. Whatever. I just won't defragment. Since I figured that out (it took for-ever), I haven't defragged, and the system is running like a dream.


That's all I've got. Play good poker.

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WillWonka said...

Thanks for the shout out and.... "noted"... just kidding..