Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Magical Limit Land

February was good, but I'm eager to get this show on the road.

March will be a month of 10/20 (and some 5/$0) full ring limit games! I'm so ready to get back to limit.

It seems like it's been forever since I played full ring limit seriously. It's been since November, really.

Most of December was spent at 0.5/1 no limit, January was dedicated to 5/10 shorthanded and February was entirely 1/2 no limit. Each of those months was pretty good, but this is a quest to find the most profitable games and move up as quickly as possible. You don't do that by sitting around at the same limit or in the same game all the time.

The goal is to make 2 BB/100 hands, but that will largely depend on how good the cards run. I'll definitely have my game ready.

If I can sustain that level, or something close to it, I estimate winnings should be around $2,400 (by multitabling to 100 hands/hour, $40/hr, 60 hours of play) for the month, excluding bonuses and rakeback, and assuming two hours of poker a day, give or take. Once bonuses are accounted for, I should have the bankroll to step up to 15/30 limit by April.

It will be a challenge, but that's what goals are for. I may not be successful, but I'm pretty optimistic that I will be.

So yeah ... bring on the March Madness.

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