Friday, March 17, 2006

Becoming a Better Poker Player

The definition of irrational behavior is to know one thing but to do the opposite. For me, poker is a constant struggle to come up with the rational move, and then have the guts to do it.

Often that means the difference between making a crying call or folding. Between making the big laydown or calling down. Sometimes a player is lucky enough to have large enough pot odds to justify calling with a hand that isn't likely to be best. Many times, the decision isn't that obvious without practice.

Which brings me to my point.

I know how to become a better poker player, so why haven't I done so?

I should find a mentor. I should post on 2+2 daily. I should become a mentor. I should read more books. I should do more hand analysis.

Is that so hard? Apparently, it is. I know these are the things I need to do to advance my play. Now I need to man up and do them.

I'm an OK poker player. But I'm not going to get much better without manning up and seeking help.

Poker is a funny game. All it takes is a few small losses to make me re-analyze my game. Each time, losing gets easier to deal with, but I still get very frustrated.

This swing isn't even that bad -- about 125 bets. It still sucks though.

I'll always hate losing. I don't want to stop hating losing.

I do want to get better at learning from it.


FatBaldGuy said...

Well said. I have the same trouble with doing the things I know I need to do to improve my game. Frustrating, ain't it?

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