Friday, August 08, 2008


I was thinking about how I used to play no limit hold'em when I first started beating the .10/.25 games. I played a simple, tight style that managed to turn a profit.

1) I loved set mining. I would call a raise or open for a raise myself with any pocket pair from any position. Then I would bet strongly and watch the cash flow.

2) Only get all-in preflop with AA or KK. There were so many donks out there willing to go all-in with far less, and my equity advantage in those situations was enormous. They weren't paying attention to my range. They were thinking, "I've got QQ or AK. Push!"

3) Bet pot and only make high percentage bluffs. By betting large amounts and bluffing rarely, I got good value for my made hands while reducing the risk of being outplayed by opponents with more experience than me.

Maybe this playing style was weakish. I'm not even sure if it would still work in today's lower-limit games. But it was a reliable way to make money, learn patience and get the most money in with the widest equity edge.


spritpot said...

This style will absolutely win you money at lower limits, especially full ring. I'd say you can play this style profitably all the way up to 1/2 full ring games, especially if you are good at table selection (there are players that play this way at 1/2 full ring and I'm pretty sure they are profitable, although the margin is pretty small and they rely heavily on rakeback).

kurokitty said...

4). That people really aren't likely at low limits of playing back at you without the goods.

When I heard this on CR videos, I sort of wished I had realized that during this level of play.

Greylocks said...

For sure it works in a lot of Las Vegas games, especially the ones in the Strip casinos.

Online, the small games have gotten so full of weak-tighties that I don't think you're going to make much playing this way unless you eight-table, and even then you might not make much. You do better in these games playing a loose-aggressive style that puts a lot of pressure on these players and generates chances to screw up big-time.

pokerpeaker said...

I play .25/.50 NL, three tables. Still works great. :)