Friday, August 15, 2008

Cash stats has added many new features that allow you to search players' screennames to see how they have done in cash games on Full Tilt. (Thanks Bone Daddy for pointing it out).

This is an incredible tool cash players can use as they select the best games and the juiciest fish to play against. And even if you don't play cash games, it's fun to see how friends, poker bloggers and pros have been running.

As far as I can tell, the database is still young, dating back to March. Its data will grow more reliable in time. In addition, the site still has table selection tools to help you find the loosest and most passive games. It's still free for now, although I wonder if it will become a pay site in the future. The figures appear to fairly accurate, although some hands are missing.

Here's a sampling:

smizmiatch (me): $8,293 0.95 BB/100.
Phil Ivey: $416,863.50, 9.6 BB/100
Cole South: $-542,310.20, -2.35 BB/100
Brian Townsend: $-80,876.70, -6.93 BB/100
Mike Matusow: $-17,920.15, -1.4 BB/100


Klopzi said...

Since you pointed out the player tracking feature on TableRatings, I've been checking up on a number of pro players and bloggers.

I think I've come to the conclusion that I'm better off sticking to the low stakes poker. There don't appear to be many winning players at the higher stakes.

Is it really that hard to pull off a profit at the higher stakes? You're doing well but you're also in the minority. Frankly, I make more playing the NL ($1) games than many of the players at the NL ($10) games.

Frankly, it's a little disheartening. Am I missing something here?

Gnome said...

I think it's natural that most players are losing players, and that goes for any limit.
If you always play in games where you feel like you have an edge, you'll make plenty of profits. Don't be disheartened, but know that the reason a lot of these players lose money is because they play in games they can't beat.
I don't think 5/10 is unbeatable by any means, but it would be more difficult if I didn't use game selection, monitor table conditions, play position, stay off tilt, etc.