Monday, July 03, 2006

Harrington, Vol. 2

Was it good? Yeah, "Harrington on Hold 'em, Vol. 2" was good. But I haven't suddenly started winning a lot of tournaments after reading it.

The first 119 pages deal with making moves, which is actually my favorite part of the book. Harrington talks about bluffing preflop, continuation bets, probe bets, squeeze plays, semi-bluffs, check-raise bluffs and dark-tunnel bluffs. This section is really informative because it seems like other books don't go too much into the details of bluffing.

The rest of the book is spent on inflection points and the concept of M, which has been popularized to the point of over-saturation in poker tournaments. That's with good reason; the concept of the move-in zone is basic and essential end-game strategy.

So all that is well and good, but I still don't seem to do well in multitable tournaments except on occasion. I suppose that's perfectly natural, because the chances of making a final table are proportional to the number of entrants in the tourney. Still, I haven't had a major cash in a tournament in a long time, and I've never final tabled one of those damned Full Tilt guaranteed tournaments. I would have thought I would have been able to do that at least once by now.

I guess I'll have to be patient.

What am I doing wrong? Here are some possibilities: I'm unlucky, I'm too tight, I'm too loose, I'm a donk at the wrong times, I don't get a good feel for the table, I try to play too much of a cash game as opposed to a tourney game, I don't have enough faith in my tourney skills or I worry that if I play too many tourneys I'll lose my feel for the cash games.

Eh. I'll get there eventually. I make my money at cash games anyway.

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Easycure said...

You looked like you were playing pretty good last night!