Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Aggression Frequency

The problem with Aggression Factor has always been that it doesn't give you enough information.

Postflop Aggression Factor provides a ratio of bets and raises to calls. (It's calculated as [Raise Percentage + Bet Percentage]/Call Percentage). It's more a measure of how rarely someone calls than a way of telling how aggressive someone is overall (because folds are excluded from the equation).

But postflop Aggression Frequency, a newer statistic available in PokerAce HUD's layout manager, accounts for every possible action except for checking (because the action of checking isn't necessarily a passive play -- it could represent a check-raise attempt). The formula is (times bet + times raised)/(times bet+ times raised + times called + times folded). It's expressed as a percentage instead of a ratio.

I took most of this information from this 2+2 thread.

It seems like Aggression Frequency is a more accurate way of characterizing a player's tendencies, and I started using it tonight. I think I like it a lot. I've placed the Aggression Frequency number directly next to where Aggression Factor is displayed so I can see both at once.

It's useful to know if someone will raise on 90 percent of his actions (in the case of a maniac), or if someone rarely raises and has a high Went to Showdown Percentage (in the case of a calling station). I love finding better metrics.

In other news ...

Vegas is going to be awesome! Hopefully with the way I've been playing recently, I've gotten a reputation as a donkish idiot. That's what I'm going for, anyway.

I will show most all of my bluffs if I'm playing with bloggers. I will play the Hammer stronger than Snowman Taterlegs. I will go for silly trick plays. It'll be fun!


WillWonka said...

Nice!! I like the concept and will try it this week.

Victor_Enriq said...

Best of luck, and you cant sleep while there!

I took 2nd place again, I just cant believe it I'm cursed. KTs all in preflop vs K8o. I trailed 3.5 to 2. He of course flopped an 8th.