Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Even Steven

Quick! Useful information: Game selection and observed hand histories at Party.


It only takes a couple of good days to come back.

Even though the casinos haven't been that great to me (I'm looking at you, Sports Interaction, River Belle and BellaVegas), the poker tables have been fantastic. Now my bankroll is as good as it was the day I got back from Vegas two weeks ago.

My good run started with good play -- successful river bluffs, devious traps and bluff inducing checks. After winning a few hundred by making my own luck, the cards started coming in.

Suddenly, my big hands were paid off. My strong hands held up. One time last night, I flopped the nut straight and had two people push in ahead of me! Even though the board paired on the river, my hand was still good.

I think I'm starting to get the hang of this poker thing.

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KGBlovesOreos said...

ssshhhhhhh, dont tap the aquarium.