Monday, June 12, 2006

Chicken or feathers?

Isn't this always the way it seems to go?

The moment I'm ready to start bitching about every river suckout or invisible set, I suddenly start to run good again. Either I should start bitching sooner, or I need to not complain at all.

I try to be patient, but the beats still get to me! Whatever, whatever.

I started out today losing $200 on blackjack bonuses after a brutal run last night on Party Poker and World Sports Exchange. It was going to be another beginning of another losing run.

But then things started to turn around. I didn't change anything about my game; I wasn't in a better mindset or concentrating harder. Luck just decided it was my turn to win today.

I flopped a boat and let a guy catch a runner-runner flush. Double. I had AA vs. KK. Double. I hit a set. Double.

In all, I doubled up about five times today -- nearly entirely erasing the futility of the previous two weeks.

If there's one sin I'm more guilty of than any other in poker, it's that I have no faith that bad runs will end, or that I haven't completely forgotten how to play the game. I always worry that I'll turn out like Steve Blass, a baseball player made famous because he inexplicably lost all ability to throw a strike. Nobody knows exactly what went wrong -- he just lost it.

I haven't forgotten how to play. I'm still learning, but I know what I'm doing out there.


Victor_Enriq said...

First things first. Whats all this chicken and feathers thing. I didnt understand Daniel either.

Goos to see some pics! But its better to finally see an update. I wasnt giving up on you, but I was starting to worry.

One more thing... I wish I ran good everytime I start to whine.

kurokitty said...

It's a Texas saying that pro player Robert Williamson quotes. It means sometimes you catch chicken and sometimes all you have in your hands are the feathers from the chicken.

It also means that we shouldn't be too excited about either outcome, since both happen in the course of events.