Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Blackjack Disco

About a year ago, before I started playing any blackjack, it looked like the bonus scene was dying. All the major poker sites were cutting back on their monthly bonuses except for Absolute Poker, which I've always found to be a chore to play at.

Little did I know that the blackjack sites were giving away lots of free money.

And they still are today.

This month, I've played bonuses at 32red, Linesmaker, Superbook, Betsson, Planetluck, Aceclub, Intercasino, William Hill and Littlewoods. And that's just the start to all the bonuses that are currently available.

One benefit I have now is that my bankroll is larger than it was when I started playing blackjack bonuses last fall, making it more comfortable for me to make larger wagers and more quickly clear the workthru requirement of each bonus. Betting more money on each turn of the card raises your variance for sure, but it doesn't decrease the real value of the bonus at all.

Anyways, I always recommend the blackjack bonuses. Some of these sites offer bonuses on a monthly basis, but most of them are one-time sign-up bonuses.

Some notes:

_Daniel mentioned to me that he heard the IGM-Pay bonuses (20 percent up to $100 with a 3X deposit+bonus workthru) would stop being offered at the end of this month. These bonuses apply to Starluck, Planetluck and Aceclub casinos. I had to talk to customer support each time to get them to credit me with the IGM-Pay bonus, but they didn't hesitate to do so.

_Daniel also found a cool blackjack site that lists strategy charts for each casino. It's called Casinodave.com. It also has a lot of other useful info.

_Scurvy deserves credit for getting me into blackjack bonuses to start with. He has published "A Beginner's Guide to Casino Bonuses" as well as a more recent list of cashable blackjack bonuses. One thing to note is that some of these bonuses have high workthru requirements that severely cut into their EV. I like the bonuses that have a higher upside, and I probably won't bother with some of the sites that require wagers totalling $14,000 for a $100 bonus (for example).

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