Friday, February 03, 2006


Even though I was in a bowling league for a couple of seasons, it wasn't because I was any good. In fact, I sucked.

One time my team got to the finals, but we skipped out because we wanted to get drunk and go camping instead. I know that's against some sort of bowler's code, but we weren't hard core.

Bowling always pissed me off because I sucked so hard and I have a hard time taking constructive criticism. Every once in a while I could have the patience to learn an idea, but I had a hard time remembering everything as I went up to the lane to throw the ball.

Here's what I was thinking: "Rolllllll the ball ... hit my mark ... keep my wrist firm ... roll it straight ... don't walk sideways ... don't get a gutter ball ... throw it hard ... but not too hard ... keep square ... take five steps ... or was that seven steps? ... I want a drink ..."

The point is that there were so many concepts that I had a hard time applying all of them at once as I approached the lane.

Poker is easier for me because you have more time and I don't have to be coordinated.

The only time pressure is that timer, and I hardly ever come close to using anywhere near my allotted time.

I'm just trying to send a message to myself:

"Hey, self. Here's a message: Poker isn't bowling. Chill out. Slow down. The fish and chips aren't going anywhere."

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