Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Beeping coming from the floor. Shut up! Stupid alarm clock. Why is it dark outside? Damn, it's 5:45 a.m.

OK, where am I? Santiago? Atlanta? Montreal? Amsterdam? Vegas?

I remember now: I live in Honolulu. Sweet. God I hate mornings.

Get out of bed. Limp to the shower. Oh, there's my computer. I wonder how I did in poker last night?

Well, I know I busted two times against sets and one time when I had a set vs. a straight. That's three buy-ins. I know I didn't double up at all. But then again, I won a bunch of little pots -- I still can't believe how damn weak these no limit players are.

Take a shower, then check PokerTracker. What do I expect to find? Did I lose $400? $600? I have no idea. I know I made a little bit back at the end ...

Oh, markNet, tell me the verdict: how much money did I lose last night? I go through this routine every morning because I prefer to check on my winnings and losses after a good night's sleep. I don't want to worry about poker when I should be sleeping. If I won, I feel good about it. If I lost, well, that's in the past.

Then PokerTracker spits out a number: -$35. Woohoo! I lost $35!

My first losing day at no limit for the year out of 12 no limit sessions so far (the rest have been limit).

How did I only lose $35? There's only one answer to that question:

These wimpy no limit players just keep on folding to my continuation bets and bluff check-raises. Most of them are scared money. They probably shouldn't be playing $200 buy-in no limit games, but I don't mind. They can just keep on playing.

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