Thursday, February 16, 2006

Pearl Harbor H.O.R.S.E and overheard conversation

I tried to take down the big cat on the block in an impromptu heads-up H.O.R.S.E tourney, but once again the cat was triumphant.

It was fun. It was such a nice day at Pearl Harbor as we waited for our tour to begin. We found a park bench overlooking the water. I tried to imagine the skies filled with more than 300 Japanese planes raining down destruction on such a peaceful area.

Daniel wrote about it better than I could, though. Check out his recap. Daniel has now won both of our heads-up matches outside of Atlanta -- first in Santiago, now in Atlanta. Good thing I got lucky in the December heads-up tourney, or else I'd begin to think that I could never beat him!

I don't have a lot to say, so I'll leave you with this $1/$2 Party Poker no limit table conversation that I found interesting enough to save:

Hitman010: your on here 8 hrs a day?
Hitman010: crazy
wagz34: almost
Hitman010: clearly this is your bread and butter
wagz34: main income yea
wagz34: do other things but this pays the bills
Hitman010: nice
Hitman010: thats my dream
Hitman010: great job
wagz34: hard to work again after making so much more money doin this
Hitman010: work when u want
Hitman010: yah no lame taxes
Hitman010: no boss
wagz34: i cant imagine working a 40 hour week
Hitman010: my friend plays for a living
Hitman010: envy the XXXX
wagz34: swing r bad sometimes but if u could deal its money in the long run
Hitman010: i lost 70$ last month haha
Hitman010: so not a good job for me
wagz34: ha
wagz34: lost 900 last night
wagz34: won most of it back tonight
Hitman010: thats rough
Hitman010: bad night
Hitman010: thats how this game is tho
wagz34: terrible
wagz34: suked out on like a champ
wagz34: then i lose a few hundred on tilt to
Hitman010: haha
Teddy_KGB_: how many tables u play wag
wagz34: thats my biggest problem
wagz34: 4 at the most
wagz34: i need a bigger screen though
wagz34: i really only like to play 2 at a time
Hitman010: who do u think makes most money at these tables?
Teddy_KGB_: some guy teddy kgb
wagz34: between who
Hitman010: just top players in general
Hitman010: i think dan veaudry and soothsayer
wagz34: always see u with a stack pavel is always winning
Hitman010: they always cleaning up
wagz34: elephant gun
Hitman010: yah he's a winner
wagz34: mortage something or other
wagz34: dr kauffmann n motorguy
wagz34: ha got me looking people up now
Hitman010: hah
wagz34: actually been alot with skrilla to hes a player
Teddy_KGB_: before i started playing recently i was playing 600 and 1000
Hitman010: some guy in forum claiming top players should make 14bb/100 at 200nl
Hitman010: why the drop to 200?
Teddy_KGB_: well i just started again and was on 400
Hitman010: 400 is so tight
Teddy_KGB_: and i lost about 12 two outers in 2 days
wagz34: dont like to play big money if im not seeing the people
Teddy_KGB_: so came here to ride out the bs
Hitman010: ahh
Hitman010: everytime i make the jump to 400..i get raped
wagz34: i won abouit 20 on ub then came over here after losing like 4
Teddy_KGB_: i own soothsayer that little pansy
wagz34: 20g
wagz34: hes another one whos always on here
Teddy_KGB_: how long did it take you to win 20k
wagz34: a few months
Hitman010: i made more at limit then nl..but its so goddamn boring i can't paly it anymore
wagz34: up 22g on here a the past few months
Hitman010: thats pretty good
wagz34: yea not trying to get rish but if i could make 5g a month ill take it
wagz34: rich
Hitman010: yah 5 G's is good..but how long will the poker fad last
Hitman010: thats why i don't quit my job and take this more seriously
Teddy_KGB_: lol
Teddy_KGB_: this place was packed even before the poker fad
Hitman010: fish can only lose so much money before they quit
wagz34: it def aint fading ne time soon
Hitman010: games getting tougher and tougher
wagz34: nah ii dont think so
wagz34: go to the casinos
wagz34: games r terrible there on the weekends n holidays
Hitman010: yah that is very true
wagz34: u could easily makes a few grand over a weekdend in a casnio
Hitman010: live play is so boring...15 hands an hour
wagz34: thats why i play the big limits live
Hitman010: what u play
wagz34: hands r more exciting

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