Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Mixed Signals

Leaks in your game suck.

One of the worst is that I misinterpret information. Everything in poker is so damn specific, but I always try to turn it into a generality. I think that may be a reason why my game tended to devolve the first few times I went through "Small Stakes Hold 'em": I remembered the concept, but not the situation.

I'm getting a lot better though!

Although I slipped up again recently. I was reading through The Best of the Gerber Baby on 2+2, and one of the examples is about what to do on the river if you bet and get raised.

The advice from shillx is to either three bet or fold. Of course, I took that to the extreme and lost a little more money than I should have in a couple of hands.

It isn't that his advice is wrong; it's that his advice only applies to highly contested pots. His quote: "Bet-calling the river when both you and the villain have shown considerable strength is a HUGE mistake."


In other news ... markNet lives! I'm so glad my dual processor badass computer that I built after winning my first and only Vegas tourney is up and running again. This time, it's better than ever. I have a new 19 inch flat screen monitor, a fast (600 kb/s) cable connection and a new motherboard. I'm set.

I played poker on the rejuvenated markNet tonight, and it was fantastic. This computer is so much fun.

Good luck at the tables.

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