Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Be The Rock

While grinding through hands of blackjack and no limit hold 'em, I've gotten this idea that the way to make the most money is just to play like a rock.

Now, I'm not saying that passive play will make you the money. But I do think that solid, consistent, predictable, disciplined play is the way to go.

In blackjack, it's a simple matter of following the play chart until you clear the workthru requirement and collect your bonus amount. For anyone skeptical of blackjack bonuses, they're worth a few hundred dollars every month. More information can be found here.

In poker, making money is mostly a matter of getting in a lot of hands as long as you're playing well. But playing well doesn't have to be some kind of elusive struggle. It just means that you try to apply your knowledge consistently and thoughtfully.

In other words: Don't get too fancy. Beware of unexplained big bets. Accept that you'll get bluffed every once in a while, but be content to know that your opponents are almost always just playing the cards they have. Don't worry about metagame principles or trying to mix up your play.

Yes, aggressive play and exceptions to the rule are the essence of poker. But I know that for me, my losing runs are worse than they should be when I get carried away with these concepts.

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