Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Good Beat Because I'm Stupid

I got a mysterious check in the mail from the Hawaii Tax Department on Friday giving me a refund of more than $4,000 on my taxes. I didn't get my hopes up -- surely this was a mistake. The same kind of mistake happened to a family member a few years ago.

The funny thing is that I was the one who made the error, not the tax department! I had miscalculated my state income taxes by more than $4,000. I thought I owed $7,300, but instead I owed a lot less.

I re-checked my math against a letter the state tax department sent me, and indeed I had made two significant mistakes. I like to think I'm good at math, but I guess I'd make a pretty damn shitty accountant.

So I'm a dumbass, but I'm very happy about it! Obviously, this won't happen next year now that I have a tax accountant. And I still ended up paying about $18,000 in federal and state income taxes this year, which is nothing to laugh at.

But getting that money back is a good beat. I'm thankful the tax department caught my mistakes because I know I never would have. Now I have the pleasure of spending this money on my estimated quarterly taxes, which are already way overdue.


I'd like to thank all the people who leave comments on this blog. Your insight makes me a better poker player, and I appreciate it that you care enough to say something. It makes me feel like this blog is worthwhile.

Here's a list of this month's commenters. Thanks, and keep 'em coming!

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Fuel55 said...

Always happy to comment you arithmetically-challenged donkass!

deliverator said...

You got teabagg'd by your maff. Remember that 18 is the highest number and your maffs will always come out right.

SubZero said...

Thanks for the blog, sory I haven't commented, but wanted you to know that your blog is one I always read and a good source of ideas and inspiration. Keep it up, it's much appreciated.