Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Counting the minutes

It's a funny picture. Full thread.


I'm so ready for Vegas. I feel like I can't lose.

If I bust out of WSOP Event No. 12 early, I'll feel terrible for a little while, but then I'll have more time to chill out and play cash games.

If I go farther, I'll at least have accomplished something.

If I win, I don't know what I'll do! I'm sure I'll manage.

It'll be a really fun event. Shorthanded games are pretty rare in casinos, and I'll have an edge because of all my online practice.

Aggression will be very important because the blinds will come around so fast. I'm OK with that. I wouldn't mind winding up at a table of tight players who I can run over early. But a table of LAGs would suit me fine too because it would give me more opportunities to double. Whatever.

If I wind up at the same table as this guy, I'll have to be sure to bust him so I can add to my small collection of pros I've stacked.

I was also reading about Brian Townsend's heads-up PLO match with Sammy Farha in Bobby's Room. It sounds like one hell of a match. I know PLO is Farha's game, but I still wouldn't want to be in his place.

OK ... Eight hours of work to go, and then I'll be on the redeye to Vegas!


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Hey Mark. My cell is 646 342 5645. If you get in on time, give me a call or text me sometime before Event #12 starts, I should be in the Rio for the hour or so beforehand at least. Love to chat up a bit before we get going, sorry I did not email sooner as I've been crushed at work to get out of there on time.

Best of luck brotha!!

kurokitty said...

Good luck (esp since I have a stake) -- I like how you're going to play cash games if you bust out while Taylor Caby is going to see Avril Lavigne. lol

See you soon.

deliverator said...

I hate you.

But seriously, good luck motherfucker. Try not to get teabagg'd and call me after the third break.