Thursday, October 12, 2006

Semi-drunk blogging

Full Tilt is staying, Poker Stars is staying, Neteller is staying, Party Poker shot itself in the foot and all is right in the 'verse.

Play at Full Tilt! Word is that they'll let anyone get 27 percent rakeback as long as you didn't sign up with an affiliate previously. Full Tilt was the first site to show a strong commitment to U.S. players, long before PokerStars and Neteller finally made statements.

In celebration, I made some rash but promising sports bets. I took Michigan at -6 over Penn St. and Pittsburgh at -7 over Kansas City. In my uniformed opinion, Michigan will crush Penn St., and Pitt seems to be at a low point and looking for a rebound ... and they won me that Mansion bet.


There was as Roy West column in CardPlayer a few weeks ago that caught my eye.

He says Mike Caro is the father of modern day poker, and that solid players are better off at a table full of solid players that at a table full of weak recreational players. I think he's on crack.


Played in the Mookie today. Went out when I limp-raised most of my stack with KK, got called by a shortstack who had AT and a late position player with pocket 2s. I pushed the flop, which unfortunately contained a 2. I hate tournaments.


The poker boom is dead. Long live the poker boom.


I guess I'm becoming more of a 6-max NL player, just because it's easier to find juicy shorthanded games.

It's fun. I raise with medium-range hands, then I hit on the flop and my opponents think I'm bluffing. It's been working more than ever. I should write a post about how I like limit hold 'em, but no limit is so much more profitable for me.

Enough rambling. Play good poker and watch the money flow.


Grinder said...

Lost your link on my blog - sorry - just saw it was missing!


that line should be -10

Grinder said...
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mookie99 said...

Thanks for making it out to the tourney last night.

brdweb said...

As far as the good player comment goes. It really depends on whether or not a good player has the ability to ratchet his thinking back down to level one if he's been up and say level 3 or higher after playing against good players. I find myself making far too many plays sometimes where even after I see the hand that calls me, I can't believe it and think I made the right play.

slb159 said...

Thx for the comment. Maybe I'll see you at a 400$ HE game in about 10 years. :)

jl514 said...

Haha, I was that late position player with pocket twos. Sorry about that

Shelly said...

You can get rakeback on FTP if you're already a member? How?