Friday, October 13, 2006

Play your best game

Sometimes, things work the way they should.

Best hands hold up. Probability doesn't laugh at you. Fates aren't tempted. AA beats KK; two pair overcomes flush draws. Good players win and bad players lose, and you haven't thought about the word "suckout" in days.

I'm in that zone now. See? Good runs really do happen!

I don't think there's anything special about this run. Few things in my game have changed. I'm getting paid off more often, my bluffs are working and I'm frequently turning or rivering hands that I'm drawing to.

But of course I feel like I'm playing well also.

I'm focused, reading hands well, laying down losers, controlling the pot size, trusting my instincts and making plays based on the numbers.

Speaking of numbers -- if you aren't using PokerTracker and PokerAce HUD in every game you're playing, maybe you should stop and ask yourself why. I know it's been said a million times before, but these tools give you an edge that many of your opponents may already be exploiting. Why would you deny yourself the same resources? They're priceless to my game and have made me thousands of dollars.

I used to always wonder how strong players ended up with so many winning hands. It seemed like they were always on an incredible run. That's the way I feel now. Lots of hands aren't playable, but I'm finding a way to win more often than not with the ones that are.

Running good is a nice luxury. I'll enjoy it while it lasts. The only way I know to make it last longer is to keep the same attitude, confidence and attention.


Grinder said...

I know you hate AB but is there a HUD for that place? GameTime+ does not work. I'll have to look into Poker Ace - I purchased that cheap once.

It's been a while since I played on PT sites.

Victor_Enriq said...

Now I'll use my usual live game smack talk (that i've been telling you about):

"They all feel like poker players when winning"


It's good to hear you are back, and that poker didn't give you the cold shoulder (which you deserved, for using the abandon ship technique)