Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New blood

I helped a friend of mine sign up at Full Tilt today. Who says there are no new fish anymore? I know plenty of newish players.

I hope my friend does OK. He seems much more interested in gambling than learning the game, which isn't a very good sign to start with. But he really likes the idea of winning money, so maybe that will compel him to tighten up and pay closer attention. I'm going to try to give him as much help as I can, but it's up to him in the end to make the right decisions.

I suggested he start at .1/.25 or a $6 tourney, but he wanted to jump into a .25/.50 6-max no limit game. He won the very first hand he ever played on the Internet, and his first buy-in lasted 45 minutes. That's a hell of a lot longer than my first five buy-ins lasted.

It's so fascinating to see poker from a new perspective again. Any two cards can win, position doesn't mean anything, and any pair or better is worth a call on the river because the other guy might be bluffing. It's not a good way to play, but it's amazing how many people never adjust and remain loose-passive. Of course I advised him about what I thought he should do, but he wanted to make a few of his own mistakes.

My friend's biggest problems were that he started to play junk hands when he got bored, and he paid off his opponents much too frequently. I think it will take him a little while to develop some hand reading skills, but at least he has a general knowledge of when to bet or raise. Calling and (not) folding are where he had problems.

After losing that buy-in, he played a $6.60 Turbo tourney and came in 6th, and then he joined a .1/.25 NL game. He treaded water for a little while, and then I took over for a few minutes and won him back all but about $15.

I hadn't played a session of my own yet, so I logged in for an hour of play late at night.

I sat to the left of David Chiu at one of my 2/4 NL tables. I won $100 in the time it took him to triple up.

He made a lot of minraises preflop and small probe bets on later streets. I don't think I could play that style and have it be profitable. I like to build pots with bigger bets and try to trap people for a lot of money.

I'm curious though about how he makes it work for him. I'll need to examine his hand histories, and I may report back if I find something educational.


Victor_Enriq said...

I guess for you I'm still smelling like new blood, even after this time, but I have to recognize I understand what you are saying.

Here in Chile a new fish is born everyday. And they i'll play as high as they can...

It's so profitable, too bad they prefer fast i can't really take that much advantage

surflexus said...

glad to hear you are well after the quake. good luck in the mook

mookie99 said...

Thanks for making it out to The Mookie last night.

HighOnPoker said...

I remember in my first couple of sessions, I made a bet in late position and took a pot away from a couple of players. One guy typed into the chat, "Nice position bet." I responded, 100% sincerely, "What's a position bet?" His reply, "Nevermind."

And that is how I learned about position betting. Time and experience will hopefully set your friend on the right path. But if not, what's his screenname?