Tuesday, September 26, 2006

On a run

I wish every 260-hand session could look like this.

This graph was made using PokerPatterns, which I downloaded from this 2+2 thread because the main Web site seems to have gone down. (I scanned it for viruses, but make sure you do the same just to be sure).

Going on big runs in a short amount of time at four tables feels really good.

You can see the progression of winning hands starting with around hand No. 78, where I won a $387 pot with a turned flush that got paid off with a $100 bet on the river.

Then near hand 100, I hit a set of Nines on the flop. My opponent had KJs and hit top pair and a flush draw on the turn. He check-raise semibluffed all-in, I called. Ship it for $587!

"What a setup hand," he said. I don't think so though. No one forced him to check-raise me all-in on the turn when he hit top pair.

Five hands later, I hit a set of Tens at another table and got a guy to commit his stack with top pair Queens with an Ace. That was a nice $804 pot.

Finally was the last big jump. It was a good beat.

I had AK and hit trips on the turn, but there were also three flush cards out.

I had an idea that the guy had hit his flush, but he checked it to me. I didn't have any flush cards, I didn't want to give him a free card, and there were plenty of hands I could have outkicked he would call with. The pot was large and I wanted the pot immediately. Those are all lame excuses though.

I went all in anyway.

Of course he hit his flush. I'm a donk.

But a Ten fell on the river to pair the board and give me the nut boat for a $929 pot! Hells yeah.

Let's see here. These 260 hands took 1:20, and I won $1,412. I could deal with a $1,056/hr wage.

If only every session were like this. I'd be rich!


deliverator said...

Unnatural snow! We'll be rich!

cc said...

Is that a link to download the graphing software or a bot to guarantee that level of poker return?

Grinder said...

I hope you break out of your 140 hand slump you have been in and continue you normal pace in the first bunch of hands.

chipper said...

Grats on the run. Don't let it change the way you're playing. Don't loosen up more just because you're on a roll. Stay the course and do what's working! Also helps when you hit some nice flops too!