Monday, September 18, 2006

No structure, no theme, only scattered thoughts

There's not too much doing. Just a few notes.

_ The anti-gambling legislation may be fought out in the Senate over the next couple of days. I believe the most recent effort is by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, who wants to push through gambling prohibition laws by attaching them to a military spending bill. I don't know what would happen if this law is passed, but I hope I don't find out.

_ Poker went great this last week. When I include the Steelers promotion from Mansion, blackjack bonuses and rakeback, I've recovered all but about $1,000 of the money I lost in the first week of the month. I like 6-max, but full ring is a lot more relaxing.

_ A bunch of bloggers have been writing about the so-called death of poker blogs. If there's any common theme to these posts, it's that poker blogs shouldn't be about poker as much as they are about the people behind them. Those kinds of sentiments irk me a little bit. A poker blog -- and any blog for that matter -- can be whatever the author wants it to be. I don't understand where this animosity toward plain old poker-centric blogs comes from. Maybe I'm just being defensive because I'd rather write about cards than my personal life.

_ For the first time since February 2005, I returned to Ultimate Bet, the site that brought my bankroll down to $700 at one point. This time, I had a lot more fun because I was playing Triple Draw! Thanks to SoxLover for getting me to play. Triple Draw is awesome -- I like it a lot more than razz. I wish other sites (Full Tilt? Poker Stars?) would offer Triple Draw as well. I also played some 6-max no limit with Slb, which was cool.

_Congratulations to BadBlood for winning the no limit blogger event on Poker Stars on Sunday. I had fun playing the tournament, but I feel really embarrassed about how I went out. Shortstacked tournament situations often piss me off, especially when I'm too thick-headed to get away from hands. My last hand was a awful: with an M of about 6, I made a standard raise with KTo from late position. One of the blinds reraised me all in, and I felt pot committed so I absent-mindedly pushed the call button. The blind had KK. I guess I should have moved all-in or folded from the start. Folding seems like the best choice in retrospect.

Good luck!


SoxLover said...

Another victim of my campaign to addict the poker blogging world on the crack cocaine that is triple draw. See you at the Betty Ford...

Easycure said...

Write about what you want. We'll read it if we want. It's that simple.

I can't wait until Full Tilt gets triple draw. Of course, since it's a felony in my state to play, I'll have to just "hear about" how fun it is.

chipper said...

Did you hear about that gunman who put Washington DC in a lockdown the other day? I bet it was a poker player who wanted to stall Congress from passing any anti-gambling legislation.

As for poker blogs - I think rumors of their deaths are a bit premature.

Michael said...

Good comments about the so-called death of poker blogs. If there isn't any poker in the blog, how the heck can it be a poker blog!?!