Thursday, April 23, 2009


Telekinesis would be a fantastic super power to have at a casino.

With the ability to move objects with my mind, I'd walk up to the highest-stakes roulette wheel I could find and put $100 down on the number 4. Then the wheel would spin out ridiculous profits.

Hitting your number on the roulette wheel pays out at 35:1, so I'd win $3,500 on my first spin. But it wouldn't stop there.

If I could somehow find a no-limit roulette table, I'd put that $3,600 down on No. 4 again. This time, my winnings would be $126,000, and that's after just two spins. On the third spin, I'd be rich, with about $4.5 million in profits for maybe 10 minutes of playing.

How sweet would that be?

Until the day I can make the roulette ball land on my lucky number every time, I'll be content to grind out poker.

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Memphis MOJO said...

Speaking of special powers, which would you rather have (while playing NL hold 'em)?

(1) The ability to see your opponents' hole cards, or

(2) the ability to see ahead of time what five cards are coming on the flop, the turn and river.