Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Again with the 3-betting?

Here are some links that offer fantastic strategy discussion for NL cash games:

Deuce Plays Episode 11: BalugaWhale (Part 2): BalugaWhale talks about the merits of 3-betting vs. flatting preflop. He expands on Samoleus' claims that poker players 3-bet too frequently, which I had critiqued.

A Bad Habit of 3-betting and Range Choice
: This 2+2 thread offers insight into play from the blinds, with critical comments from BalugaWhale and BobboFitos.

Duel: RiverBoatKing (#3) - 25/50 HUNL: Continuation bet more on dry boards; float less on wet boards.

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Peter said...

Thats a spectacular set of links there Gnome, thanks for sharing. Really love the Deuces Cracked site. There's some top people contributing to it. Great to see you blogging again! And congrats on the 5 yr anniversary! Keep up the good work!