Monday, June 02, 2008

In defense of Full Tilt

With so many poker players dogging on Full Tilt, you'd think it was a bad site to play on. That's not true.

1) Full Tilt has the best software on the Internet, and it isn't close. PokerStars is OK, but Bodog is awful. Every other site runs from unplayable to mediocre.

2) I've had fantastic response times on cashouts, although I understand some people haven't been so lucky with e-transfers. I've cashed out by check five times this year, and I've never had to wait more than a week for my check to travel across the ocean to my mailbox here in Hawaii. My most recent cashout was Wednesday, and the check arrived Friday. That's a fantastic response time.

3) There are many cash games to choose from at the limits I currently play (from 2/4 heads-up to 5/10). I'm able to find fishy games almost every time I log in these days.

4) Full Tilt recently offered rakeback to many players who have been begging for it for years.

That said, Full Tilt has a significant and glaring weakness in customer support.

The site insists on doing business exclusively by e-mail, and they won't permit their customers to ever call them by phone. I've never had a problem with their e-mail support, although I've heard horror stories about their support personnel being unresponsive. Regular poker players pay large sums of rake, and they deserve to be able to talk to a real person when their money is on the line.


Ultimate Bet released inadequate conclusions of its investigation into cheating on the site at high limits. The public still doesn't know the name or position of the perpetrator, how this kind of obvious cheating could be allowed to happen for so long or whether there will be any sanctions from the site's regulatory body, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

You're a fool if you ever play on UB or Absolute Poker again.


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

I love Fulltilt. I continue to play over there with no rakeback. Having said that, $5k is still in flux for me though I heard they are starting to catch up. It was approved on 5/3 and I still don't have it in my bank. This is through bank transfer though so maybe the checks have caught up. As for the rakeback, I've contacted them numerous times and they told me that I am affiliated to someone who doesn't offer rakeback but they can't tell me who... But they said they have placed me on a "list" that keeps track of players who have no rakeback.

I have nothing against Fulltilt because to me, the most important thing is game selection and software. If I'm gonna play a lot, I want it to be pleasant to the eyes and easy to navigate. FTP definitely offers that so that's why you never hear me complain. The more popular you get, the more you get hated on though so part of it is probably a reflection of their success.

I've also never really had a problem with their email support so I guess it is what it is.

kurokitty said...

Yeah, FT is profitable.

Wwonka said...

Full Tilts Software is maybe 2nd to Pokerstars.

The Biggest Negative is thier support. Why Do they Not have Live support during tourneys?

No Deal Making system?
No Live Support during tourneys wait thats a repeat but a Biggie.

The Fact that there is no way to contact them other than email is pretty shady considering their size and Place in the Market.

mookie99 said...

I too am having issues with cashing out. I put in requests on May 8th and still haven't seen my money.

The cashout problems aside, their support is the worst in the business in my opinion. I've sent numerous emails to their support/cashier inquiring about my withdrawals and didn't hear a word back for five days. When I finally got an email back, it was just a form letter they've been sending everyone.

Bayne_S said...

Until April I never had a problem cashing out and checks generally took 3 days.

I like UltimateBet's SW better, I only play there when they give me $10 to come back and I have been drinking.

I do like dealmaking ability on Stars, in general chops are ghey but when HU, even chips and 1st is $T 1050 and 2nd is $50 I can be persuaded

cmitch said...

UB's fall over the last several years is pretty sad. It was the only site that I played on in 2003 to mid 2004 then things started going to crap. I miss the old days. I can't remember the last time that I played there now.

I'm also waiting on a bank transfer cashout. From everything that I have read, paper checks seem to be coming very quickly now and the bank transfers are being processed by at a snail's pace.

Wes said...

LOL best software out there. Considering Full Tilt lags constantly and the servers crash often while pokerstars never lags and servers never crash. Full Tilt is definitely best software then.

Gnome said...

Full Tilt hasn't lagged for me in years and I've never had a cashout problem.
When it comes to the software itself, Full Tilt beats PokerStars in so many ways: table themes, autorebuy, note taking and datamining observed hands.

Weak Player said...

I plan to visit UB and AP at the Rio. I will suggest to them that they start a new promotion: Free superuser account after you earn 10,000FPP. Prop bets on the results?

RaisingCayne said...

I honestly didn't realize Full Tilt was catching any flack recently, as I thought all the recent poker site hatred was limited to UB and AP!

Anyway... I'm confused by these references to "cashOUTs." ? I've never had any problem getting money on any site... what's all the references to getting money OFF!? People do that? (Pardon the sarcasm from a losing player.)

I just thought I'd comment after reading CMitch's comment... as I also used to play LOTS on UB in years past, and find it sort of sad that they've become what they have, (practically an industry laughing stock... albeit a well deserved reputation.)

dan said...

Let me say this up front: I love Full Tilt, and I swear on the souls of all of my ancesters and descendants that I am not a paid stooge or employee. I AM a bonded courier, and as such, I cannot even buy a lottery ticket without the consent of my bonding company. My bonding company, however, does allow me to have a play money account with full tilt, in fact, they encourage us to do so as an outlet for our desire to gamble. I have had the play money account for nearly two years, and I have had my share of suck outs and busts. Nothing though suggests to me that the cards dealt are anything but random. The full tilt academy is providing a valuable service to the playing community free of charge, and the site has helped me a little bit, though modesty prevents me from saying how little. I recently obtained 1,000,000 play points, severy hundred thousand which I then lost over a few weeks. I say this to all of you with all due respect: Hey folks, this is gambling, not an investment opportunity. People lose. Donks are ridden hard, and pigs get slaughtered. It's called full tilt for a reason.