Thursday, June 05, 2008

Holdem Manager

I like the new PokerTracker, but it has a long way to go before it's completely debugged and has all the features I'd like to see. The bugs haven't caused me significant problems, but I know they've been more severe for many players.

So I finally gave in and bought Holdem Manager after hearing so many good things about it. It isn't quite as slick as PT should/will be, but it has lots of features that are just fantastic.

_ You can double click on a player's name in the HUD to flip between their total stats and their current-session stats.

_ You can take notes on players in HM rather than in the poker client.

_ Stats are displayed in a tighter box that takes up less screen space.

_ There are countless popup stats at your fingertips -- far more than PT's default.

_ Easy-to-read hand histories are viewable in a popout window, and they can be exported in several formats (including 2+2 and text).

The heads-up display has always been the most important part of poker database software. Holdem Manager has a clear HUD advantage.

PokerTracker looks like it will be better for away-from-the-table analysis, but it'll take a while for it to catch up with in-game features.


Weak Player said...

Have you tried exporting hands from Holdem Manager? One of the things stopping me from running both (at different times) is that I would want the data in both databases. If you can export quickly, that might get me to try Holdem Manager. But I love PT3 as buggy as it is, so I am on the fence

Gnome said...

Holdem Manager does not have an export feature yet, which is a pretty glaring omission.
But I found in a search of the forums that hand exporting will be included soon. It's "on the roadmap" to version 1.06, according to the HM forums. HM is currently on version 1.05.07.

Weak Player said...

I will be sure to save my HH archieve; surely I can import from that and have Holdem Manager not delete/move fresh hands. Right?

Gnome said...

I would think saving your HH archive would work.