Thursday, March 13, 2008

Roshambo, aka Barack Paper Scissors

This is funny:

USARPS releases Barack Paper Scissors, the game
(Use Internet Explorer to play)

"You and your preconditions can go to hell," says Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Los Angeles, CA, March 10, 2008--The USARPS League, the official governing body of Rock, Paper, Scissors in the US, has entered the 2008 Presidential race with the release of a new online game available exclusively on the League web site, The interactive Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) application pits Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama against five opponents on his way to the Oval Office.

Players control the actions of Barack Obama as he competes against President George W. Bush, Senator Hillary Clinton, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (let’s see how his foreign policy holds up…) and of course, Senator John McCain.


“No sport in the world is as closely linked to democracy as Rock Paper Scissors,” declared Matti Leshem, Commissioner of the USARPS League. “Every game of RPS is like its own mini election where players assert their freedom by choosing the throw that’s right for them. And there’s never a need for a recount… though it is possible to tie!”

While the name of the game does relate specifically to one of the candidates, the league itself is not committing to an endorsement.

“For us, it’s about finding the best way to promote democracy. Mr. and Mrs. Obama were kind enough to incorporate one of our throws in their son’s name,” added Leshem, “Frankly if ‘John McScissors’ or ‘Papery Clinton’ were running, we could easily have chosen them as the protagonist of the game.”


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Here's a tip: Bush always throws rock.

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