Monday, March 10, 2008

Is there ever a right time to push all-in with nothing?

... I wonder.

In one recent heads-up cash game, this multitabler came up with a pretty good gameplan that gave him lots of room to maneuver.

He called continuation bets 85 percent of the time and made most hands that saw the flop go to the turn. Then when the pot was over 40 BB deep, my opponent would almost always take the initiative with either a bet or a check raise. At that point, if I had nothing, the only option would have been to raise all-in or fold. I ended up folding.

I adjusted by making fewer continuation bets, slowplaying more often, tightening up my out of position 3-bets and making marginal value bets. After about 200 hands, I came out -10 BB. I'll take it.

Those situations get tiresome where I couldn't even represent anything and I didn't have anything in my hand either. But against a player like that, I guess you have to adapt in other ways.

Except for very rare exceptions, with Ace-high, should bluffing all in with air (excluding semibluffs) ever be in your playbook? I doubt it.


Greylocks said...

Barry G did it once on HSP vs Eli Elezra.

Drizztdj said...

I got floated like this several times by a good PLO8 player, but he/she didn't adjust when I stopped firing continuation bets and I ended up a small winner.