Sunday, January 07, 2007


What would happen if 1,000,000 people each chose a pixel on a 1000 X 1000 grid, named it, and then tried to create a collaborative image?

I think you'd probably end up with a lot of random colors crammed together on a page. But you never know until you try, right?

So check out onesimplepixel, where you can choose your own pixel out of the million and personalize it. You can choose a color, name, location and quote.

I named my pixel "Big Tits Magee" in honor of some dude's screen name on Full Tilt. It's a black spot located at x: 999 and y: 648.

From the site:
what is the point?
good question. here are some other questions which drive this one
what will we create?
what will it mean?
is it possible?
will we learn something about ourselves from this?
will the resulting image be a random collection of pixels or will we create a pattern?
simply stated, this question cannot be answered until the project is complete.
Go there and give it a try. This project will need a lot of people, and it only takes a second. Kudos to Drew for setting it up helping out with the project.


thecaffiend said...

Actually, I'm only helping evangelize / new feature think uping on this one (rather than setting it up) but the next one I'll be in on all the way. Thanks for the pimp!

Alan said...

I created a solid red (#FF0000) pixel at (72,27) and named it HAMMER!

thecaffiend said...

I am now on the implementation stuff (I'm coding it), so tweaks move at the speed of Drew, which ain't much (weekend work prolly). Anyway, I saw the hammer comment, and wanted to say props. VNH.