Thursday, January 11, 2007

I play so bad

I don't know what's wrong with my game exactly, but it's gone to shit over the last few days.

I've been calling river bets too often and seeing every turn as a scare card. I'm folding when I should call and calling when I should raise.

This one player (MyRenovatio on Full Tilt) completely rolled over me a couple of nights ago when I initially misread his playing style. He kept pushing me off my hand with big all-in bets, and I kept having nothing better than a high card. At first, I thought he was a fish based on his loose style. After googling his name, I found that he's more of a maniac who had played in the 300/600 and 200/400 no limit games on Full Tilt. Too late, I realized that the best way to get money from this guy was with hands I could bet for value.

I don't want to dwell on this too long, so I won't write about any bad beat stories or complain about my cold run of cards.

I have the knowledge and the mind-set to play well, but for whatever reason I'm a bit off-center when it comes time to make decisions at the table. I think a lot of my problem is that I'm overthinking things and rationalizing poor choices. And just for the record, my bankroll is still in great shape.

So here's my plan:

1) Take today off. I'll get my new Roomba working or watch "This is Spinal Tap" instead.

2) Play at Bodog. The games there are juicy, and a change of scenery might help.

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kurokitty said...

or 3). Go to the frackin' beach. You live on an island, for meowing out loud.