Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Parts of my game that suck

1. I can't tell if I'm playing my best game until after I've made some mistakes.

2. I'm willing to go all in with a wide range of hands against a short stack if I think I might bust them. I think Gary Carter said that was neurotic behavior once.

3. I'm predictable,

4. I can't stop myself from betting out on the following street if I got the last bet in on the previous street in a limit game.

5. I don't know what game is my best game.

6. I make obvious mistakes sometimes.

7. If I lead out the flop but check the turn, it means I don't have anything.

8. I hate fish when I should love them.

9. I'd rather defend my play than listen to why it's wrong.

10. I'm pretty bad at tournaments.

11. I feel like I'm entitled to win.

12. I have a low tolerance for losses.

13. I keep playing right after work and in mornings, but I should know better because it takes me a while to wake up.

14. I'm easily distracted by IM, and it makes my game worse.

15. I tell myself that more tables equals higher profits.

16. Like Webb, I don't have the nut.

17. I bluff at the wrong times.

18. I keep letting the cat play. Bad idea.

19. I don't respect other players.

20. I don't know whether I'm trusting my judgment too much or too little.

I'm sure there are plenty more, but 20 is enough for now. (And no, I'm not on a downswing -- I just want to do better.)


Victor_Enriq said...

What happened? Bad at tournaments? What about your blogger results???

You shouldnt let the cat play. The hairballs arent good for the game.

Please check my last tourney result at my blog and tell me what d'you think! You know its a bad beat when you lose but its neither your fault nor the other players.

deliverator said...

Loki sez "Miaow" (translation "let the cat play") and how could you question that?

kurokitty said...

Loki, "the 'lil Cocksucker'" is still a n00b. And his master doesn't play online. LOL