Sunday, May 17, 2009

An Inexplicable Wonder

Somehow, the fish keep biting and the tank keeps getting refilled.

Six years after Chris Moneymaker catalyzed the poker boom, the tables at the primary U.S. poker sites are full of players, some of whom have little clue what they're doing. Despite the recession, or maybe because of it, people are gambling online as much as ever. It's rare to log in and not be able to find a good game.

Most of you can beat this game. You can make money in poker if you exercise emotional control, possess reasonable logic skills and show a willingness to learn.

Online poker isn't packed with colluders and bots. Instead, online poker is populated by people who love to gamble and don't have a clue how to play postflop.

Jump in. Improve your game. Quit when you're tilted. Win money.


Memphis MOJO said...

The play in casinos is also booming. The economy is bad? I don't see it at the poker table.

cmitch said...

Imagine what will happen if online poker ever becomes "legal."

To dream..........

pete said...

On the money post as usual Gnome.

Grinder said...

I think the one that that changed was the death of GOOD Limit games.

Plus - I STILL do not know how to get money OUT of a poker room LOL

I suppose I'm lazy and just waiting for Neteller to return.