Sunday, February 15, 2009

HU24: Goal Complete

I won my 10 buy-ins at $2/4 NL heads-up! It's pretty incredible when the suckouts don't hit for my opponents.

It took me eight days to achieve the goal, and at one point I was down seven buy-ins. But I came back and rocked some HU fish.

The only downside of this week crushing $2/4 HU is that I played many other game types as well, which resulted in losses at $3/6 HU and $2/4 PLO. Man, do I ever suck at PLO, but I'm sure I'll improve (eventually).

I credit my accomplishment at $2/4 in part to pr1nnyraiding S2, Ep. 5. In that episode, Krantz discusses a flow chart that is posted in the video comments. The flow chart is used as an aid to determine what your opponents' attributes are, and then to think of counterstrategies.

I took the flow chart a step further and started writing down my opponents tendencies and my adjustments as I play. That exercise has really forced me to think harder about how I should be dodging and weaving against various opponent types, which is so important in HU play.

I used to complain that in heads-up play, I always seemed to claw for a buy-in or two but then lose four or five buy-ins within a few minutes. Now I feel like I'm the one with the big wins and small losses.


spritpot said...

Congrats on the HU pwnage!


BoooomBaby said...

Well done! It is very tough to stay away from PLO, it is very exciting. Thanks for refering to Krantz's flowchart I will definitely check that out to try and improve my HU play.