Wednesday, February 18, 2009

HOTD: A rare preflop KK fold

I raised from an early position with KK, got quickly re-raised by a solid player who only 3-bets 2 percent of the time, and then the pot was re-raised again by a regular whose 4-bet range is about 1 percent, according to Hold'em Manager.

Most of the time, I would shove and be unsurprised to see one of my opponents show AA. This time, I looked at the 3 BB I had invested in the pot and made a quiet fold.

While it's possible that the CO was squeezing and the button was resqueezing, I feel comfortable with my play. It's just another hand.

Full Tilt Poker $5/$10 No Limit Hold'em - 8 players - View hand 42502

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SB: $955.00
BB: $2465.00
UTG: $650.00
UTG+1: $1508.50
Hero (MP1): $2327.00
MP2: $382.50
CO: $3343.50
BTN: $2652.00

Pre Flop: ($15.00) Hero is MP1 with KK of diamonds KK of hearts

2 folds, Hero raises to $30, MP2 calls $30, CO raises to $130, BTN raises to $290, 5 folds

Final Pot: $335.00

BTN wins $335.00


smokkee said...

sick fold but absolutely correct based on your numbers for those players. why risk $2300 real cash money with just a pair when you only have $30 invested? i guess you could've considered flatting (and probably did) to set mine since he did have a lot of chips behind. but there's always a chance he won't pay you off anyway.

smokkee said...

btw, i can't say i've ever folded KK pf. but, i'm not donking around at 5/10 anymore.


Vedast said...

Well, knowing those numbers I think your fold is perfect. But it's strange folding KK preflop in 6-max...

Gnome said...

This was a full ring game.

havin_a_laff said...

6-max. Last night I folded KK on the flop against a decent sized donk bet from an unknown into a monotone board. Felt bad - couldn't sleep - but usually I lose my stack in situations like that if I carry on. Maybe that's why I'm still playin .25NL