Monday, January 19, 2009

PLO Begins

As I start playing PLO, I find that I have the same difficulties I had when learning other forms of poker: valuing hands correctly, reading hands and worrying too much about table image.

Despite these flaws, I'm optimistic about my potential to get good at this game.

It plays more literally than hold'em. The hands players represent are closer to what they actually hold, which makes decisions easier. It also means playing my own hand correctly is more important.

There are also many loose-passive players. These are the donors. Some might argue that you can play looser in Omaha than in hold'em, but not this loose. I know I'm a PLO noob, but I can't see how 50 and 60 percent VP$IPs in 6-max games can be profitable.

Losing at Omaha yesterday reminded me of a poker truism I hadn't thought of in a while: sometimes you will be dealt crappy cards and setup hands, so maximizing value means losing the least amount possible.

I love the action though when I'm dealt winning hands instead of coolers.

My continuing education: Ms. PLO and "Pot-limit Omaha Poker" by Jeff Hwang.


havin_a_laff said...

looks like PLO is set to take off big style. best to get in at the start and mop up. at least two of my blogging contacts are starting to make the money at PLO. GL

Gnome said...

I feel like I'm already late to the PLO party. Time to catch up.

Shrike said...

I concur, but there are still plenty of fish to take advantage of. No harm in learning a new game to broaden one's toolbox and game selection.


AnguilA said...

What blind levels did you start playing?

Gnome said...

I'm playing 1/2 and 2/4. I'm a fish in these games so far, but hopefully I'll improve quickly.