Friday, May 23, 2008

UB and Absolute Cheating, and more PokerTracker

Superusers and Silence: How UltimateBet let players get cheated for millions. Check it out.


One cool feature of PokerTracker3 is its ability to generate custom reports based on a variety of statistics.

So far there are five custom reports posted in the PokerTrack repository: Flopped Sets, Big Cards Hit Flop, Pocket Pair Hit Flop, Player Performance Summary and Hands Report-Game Notes Replacement.

The Hands Report is the most practical tool because it allows you to easily review your best and worst hands -- something I had immediately noticed was missing from the new PT3.

The other stats are less useful but more fun, especially Hit Flop With Pair because you can see whether you're connecting with the flop as much as you should on average.

Over 142,527 hands in this database, here's what my Hit Flop With Pair stats look like.

Hand One In
AA 8.7
KK 7.3
QQ 9.0
JJ 6.3
TT 6.4
99 7.8
88 9.8
77 7.5
66 8.2
55 8.2
44 7.5
33 7.9
22 6.6

You flop at least a set one in 8.5 times on average, so you can see that 10 out of 13 pocket pairs are hitting more often than they should for me. I run so good.


cmitch said...

I think that I am done with PT3 until they perform their next upgrade. I tried to use it last night and the night before (1 tabled) to get a feel for the HUD. At first, it seemed similar to HEM (which I have been usually since their original release of the non-beta version), but I was wrong. It was starting to tilt me after about 30 minutes.

There are some things (most small but still very annoying) still missing from the stats that you can display on the HUD. Maybe I can't find them. Is there a donk bet stat? Steal stat? Fold to 2nd barrel? Fold to 3rd barrel? (I think that I found stats that would work for the 2nd/3rd barrel). Also, the current bugs were tilting the hell out of me. My stats would sometimes show up on the table and sometimes wouldn't. The stats didn't show up at all for any of the players on one of the tables and it started to tilt the hell out of me. The HUD text is a lot bigger (even at font 8) than the HUD setup that I have in HEM. I moved them around, but some things were still covered (button, players time bank, some cards, etc) when 4 tabling.

I closed PT3 and loaded up HEM and played the rest of my session.

I guess I will try it again once all the bugs are worked out of the HUD, but the HUD is the most important feature to me. If it is broken then there is no reason for me to use PT3 until it works.

I know this sounds like a rant against PT3, but if the HUD was up to par with HEM's HUD then I would probably switch completely to PT3. The reports and stats in PT3 are cleaner and more user friendly.

SoxLover said...

Interesting thing about the set frequency (at least for me in an academic nerdy sense) is that I suspect you should expect to see lower pairs hit more often than higher pairs in this report.

The reason I think is that when you have a low pair preflop, when you are calling a raise (or raise yourself and are called), you are less likely to be facing hands that contain one of your outs, whereas when you have a high pair, flops are more likely to occur in situations where one of your opponents is holding one of your outs (hands that do not contain your outs should be slightly more correlated to your opponents' folds).

Weak Player said...

Gnome, I am spending much of my time on generating reports on PT. It makes my post-play analysis so much easier. Since we seem to be doing a bunch of the same things at the same time, maybe we should talk. Give me a shout if you think it is worthwhile.

Cmitch, I think there are custom stats for all of those things. I am not using them myself, but there is a thread in 2+2->Internet Gambling->Software->PT3 V3.0 that addresses the custom stats.

Bayne_S said...

I think you actually displayed you hit sets less than 1 in 8.5 for 10 of 13.

Also suspect hitting sets with Aces and Qs does not lead to big pots

Gnome said...

If I hit a set one in every 6.6 times (as is the case when I'm dealt pocket 2s), that's more often than one in 8.5. Am I missing something?

Bayne_S said...

my bad got messed up due to 1 in 8.5 vs. 7.5:1 against which is how I think about it.

got locked into bigger than 7.5