Thursday, April 03, 2008

BHMGII: Return of Cash

The Blogger Hard Money game found its stride when we moved to a $0.75/1.5 deep stack table with $300 maximum buy-ins.

We got four blogger for the $2.5/5 game -- Fuel55, Percentile Doom, Fishiswa and I -- before we switched it up.

Then many others joined in, including iam23skidoo, hoyazo, twoblackaces, bayne, columbo, kajagugu, chitwood, rake feeder, pirate lawyer, astin and weak player.

I'm not sure who the big winner was overall, but I doubled up early at the 2.5/5 table when a non-blogger shoved the river into my nut flush. That was easy. I also remember seeing bayne with a decent stack later on.

The game was still going after more than five hours, at which point I had to leave after playing way too much poker today.

I enjoy having a blogger cash game because it gives players an opportunity to sit down like they would at a home game with friends, donking around and trying to take each others' chips. I hope everyone had a good time.

Fishiswa and I got into a pot in which he pulled a successful river all-in bluff against my flopped flush. I'm still kicking myself for checking the turn:

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Seat 4: Fuel55 ($1,320) -
Seat 5: locklear ($1,031.40) -
Seat 6: Fishiswa ($1,024.15) -
Seat 8: smizmiatch ($2,242.45)


locklear posts small blind $2.50
Fishiswa posts BIG blind $5
Dealt To: smizmiatch

RAISE smizmiatch ($15)
FOLD Fuel55
FOLD locklear
CALL Fishiswa ($10)


Pot: $32.5

CHECK Fishiswa
BET smizmiatch ($25) (Let's start building a pot)
CALL Fishiswa ($25)


Pot: $82.5

CHECK Fishiswa
CHECK smizmiatch (I have the nuts! I really should have bet it here, especially given the deep stacks and the need to put more money in the middle while I was sure I had the best hand. I didn't bet though, instead opting to try for a river value play. So bad.)


Pot: $82.5

BET Fishiswa ($82.50) (Great!)
RAISE smizmiatch ($165) (Minraise to get value from a broader range.)
RAISE Fishiswa ($984.15) (Wow. There was $247 in the pot, and now I needed to call about $700 more. What a disaster. Fishiswa and I had been chatting earlier, and he told me he didn't have much money in his Full Tilt account. I didn't think it likely that he would make such a large bluff with most of his FT bankroll on the line. Also, since he was in the big blind, he could have had a wide variety of full houses that got there on the river.)
FOLD smizmiatch (Can't make the call. I probably would have called if we were playing for only 100 BB stacks)
UNCALLED Fishiswa ($819.15)

Fishiswa collected $410.5 from main pot

Total pot: $412 Rake: $2

Final Board:

Seat 4: Fuel55 button didnt bet folded - Net Gain/Loss: ($0)
Seat 5: locklear small blind folded before the Flop - Net Gain/Loss: ($-2.5)
Seat 6: Fishiswa big blind collected 410.50 - Net Gain/Loss: ($205.5)

Seat 8: smizmiatch folded on the River - Net Gain/Loss: ($-205)

Free hand converter brought to you by CardRunners

Thanks to everyone for playing. Let's do it again early next month.


SubZero said...

Gutted I missed another one, but my gf was not too keen on me getting up in the middle of the night and playing when she had to work early the next day, which is totally fair.

So... can we have the next one on a Friday night or on a weekend perchance? Really really want to have a fun game with all my blogger friends!

$mokkee said...

if full tilt wasn't sitting on my emails, i woulda been happy to mix i up with u guys.

sux to fold the winning hand but, sox had ballz to make a big bet on the rvr to take it. only way he could win. i luv pokah!

SoxLover said...

In the cold light of day I reviewed my push and came to one conclusion: man that was a stupid play.

I definitely did have in mind the our chat before however--it was a metagame based bluff.

kurokitty said...

Wow. Dude. You have to bet the turn.

I would have called it, if only to punish myself for perceivingly letting a boat get to the river.

Fuel55 said...

Discipline to fold nut flush - wow. One of the few who could do it! But you gotta know you are beat.

RaisingCayne said...

I enjoyed just watching the cash game last nigt, (not having the bankroll or the confidence in ability to join.)

Loved that hand where you doubled up early at the $2.50/$5 table vs. the non blogger. (Your AsJs hitting nut flush versus his river bluff with naked ATo.) That was good stuff.

Pretty wild hand vs. Fishiswa there. Your play, while obviously not optimal in hindsight, was based on solid logic. I especially like hearing that your fold had something to do with earlier conversations with Sox regarding his bankroll. It was a rational read based fold, I wouldn't kick yourself over it too much.

Shrike said...

I played too long and was a big loser on the night but I do enjoy deepstack play. Hopefully I can grind it up again (I will have to reload first, sigh) and play better next time.