Thursday, February 07, 2008

Blogger Cash

The blogger 4/8 NL deepstack game featured monsters, coolers and bluffs. Several bloggers won money, including Weak Player, who was the big winner with a stack over $4,000 by the time he was through.

The company was great, everyone tried to bring their A games and I had a lot of fun. It gets a little tense playing for not insignificant amounts of money against people who have as good of a chance of seeing through you as you have of them. I don't get that kind of rush playing against no-name opponents.

In addition to Weak Player, Waffles, Fuel55, Bone_Daddy84, Rake Feeder, Cmitch, RecessRampage, Poker Grind and I put some money on the table.

Waffles generated the most action early on, and he did well until he got his shortstack committed preflop and then pushed his 77 into Rake Feeder's AQ on an Ace-high flop.

Weak Player won the largest pots of the night when he flopped a set of 2s against Bone Daddy's pocket Aces. He also flopped a set of Queens against a set of Eights against a non-blogger. Those pots were each worth about $2,400.

My favorite hand of the night came when Waffles and Fuel both flopped flushes, with Waffles' nut flush taking down a $1,137 pot.

Bone Daddy also hit it hard when his KK got in against AK on a K-high flop.

I made money in two medium-sized pots. One came when Poker Grind was shortstacked and pushed his flush draw on the turn into my pair of 8s. Then against Rake Feeder, I called his small blind raise with QT and flopped two pair. He bet pot, I raised, he reraised, and then he folded to my all-in bet. He said he had AQ.

I came out ahead for the night about $900 at the blogger table, and $200 overall after you deduct my stake in Waffles. Even though it didn't pay off this time, he was a worthy investment because he added a lot of life to the game. And I won anyway, so screw it.

If anyone wants me to e-mail or post other hand histories, let me know.

As the game wound down, we talked about when we can have another Blogger Hard Money Game again. A few people suggested moving the stakes to the 2.5/5 deepstack tables. Those limits will appeal to more people while still leaving plenty of room for big wins. We should do this at least once a month as long as enough people want to play.



kurokitty said...

In some ways I think you should keep the Big Game at $4/8NL -- it seemed there were enough players and I like the idea of a game that's outside many people's psychological comfort zone. I'd play in a $2.5/5 game but you know you can arguably play those limits in an uncapped casino game. Maybe you could have both?

Rake Feeder said...

While I like the fact that 4/8 NL deepstack kept the riff-raff out, it was definitely out of my comfort zone. Even though I booked a loss, I was satisfied with my play against a tough table. At 2.5/5 I would think there would be a long list and quite a few short stackers taking a shot. Is there a way to setup a private cash game that is password protected?

Thanks for putting the game together.

cmitch said...

I like the idea of 2.5/5 deep table game. It gives more people a chance to play and the min buy-in is still $500. I think there will be a lot more action too. Especially, if the lowered stakes bring in some bloggers that don't normally play cash games.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

It was a blast. Thanks for setting this up. We definitely need to do this again. And you're welcome for pretty much all my big blinds I let you steal. :)

$mokkee said...

was glad to see you come out ahead after staking wawfuls. gg

Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

I had a blast, even though I booked my largest, 2nd largest single hand lose ever (FUCK!!!!, what the hell was i thinking, I had $90 committed to top pair and kicked in 1100 more).

But it was cool, like the 4/8 format, or maybe 5/10 standard stack, 2/5 is too low.

I suggest, first mook of every month as a gathering point.

JL514 said...

Damn Gnome.. next time you're going to cash stake someone for this LET ME KNOW.

SubZero said...

Definitely be up for the next one, please keep me posted....